A brand new UK tour of poetry & performance – from Lydia Towsey, Shruti Chauhan and Jean Binta Breeze MBE

Keith Allott – Filmmaker Extraordinaire!

In addition to us, Three the Hard Way involves a number of other artists – from the writers and performers we’re inviting to join us at each tour date – to other great artists like Keith Allott, who we’ve worked with before and who’ll be joining us at the Omnibus in Clapham to film for a dedicated doco about this first phase of our tour. Here’s his story in relation to us – complete with an olden days picture of him…!


Keith’s Story

I first met Alison when I was the community film studios manager back in 2005. We spoke on the phone a few times regarding the introduction to filmmaking course we ran. Alison took part and her film was chosen as one of the productions. She made her first film ‘Hindmost’ starring Lydia Towsey.

I first met Lydia when I met her at the LCB Depot to discuss the possibility of becoming the filmmaker on the Showcase Smoothie project. Since then we have worked together on that project and multiple others including Lyric Lounge and her show ‘The Venus Papers’.

I’ve known Jean since the first Lyric Lounge. We struck up a friendship over our shared love of cricket; we’ve now been to see a few matches too. We’ve worked together on several projects over the years and continue to discuss the world of cricket over a drink whenever we can.

It’s a real privilege to work with such incredibly talented artists but most of all such good friends. I was both honoured and very excited to be asked to take part as the documentary filmmaker on ‘Three The Hard Way’ as though we’ve worked together before, this will be the first time we have all worked together on the same project as artists. The show is a seminal piece of spoken word delving into each artist’s history and point of view; all of which are informed, eloquently put, important and relevant for any audience to hear, enjoy and contemplate.


See here for some footage of us, filmed by Keith in the course of our past collaborations – https://3thehardwaypoets.wordpress.com/poems/ 

More to follow 🙂


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