A brand new UK tour of poetry & performance – from Lydia Towsey, Shruti Chauhan and Jean Binta Breeze MBE

Who’s your Neighbour? #Call-out…

This year ‘Three the Hard Way’ is inviting poets, writers and performers from across the UK to respond to the theme of multicultural Britain – and specifically engage with the question and hashtag campaign: Who’s your Neighbour?

At a time of increasing globalisation, inter-dependence and migration, how do you define your sense of culture, connection and community? Political parties warn of limited resources and tabloids talk of ‘floodgates’ and ‘invasions’ – but in the light of colonialism and in a country built on both transatlantic slavery – and the free movement of Europeans into the New World – how should we define our responsibilities, where should we draw our borders and who should be entitled to what?

From the people who live across the road…to the country across the sea, who’s your neighbour? What are your personal experiences of migration? What does the UK look like where you are? Who are the people that make up your local community, what are issues that matter – and what does nationalism mean in the 21st century? Is it another word for racism, or not…?

To participate tweet us @3HardWayPoets – with a link to the text and/or you performing a short piece (30 seconds – 3 minutes) in response to the above. Remember to hashtag – #WhosYourNeighbour We’ll be gathering all the pieces together to share with the media, showcase across our tour and feed in to the current debate.


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