A brand new UK tour of poetry & performance – from Lydia Towsey, Shruti Chauhan and Jean Binta Breeze MBE

Free Word, London

Another update from the road. Last night was lovely, gadding it as we were down Free Word way in sunny London. Sunny we say as though it is October we are in England and Leicester, in our absence (we are led to believe) was significantly colder. My mother-in-law (this is Lydia writing) tells us that her grey coat was “black with rain”. So there. Everything is relative and we fortunate in our geography.

We had a lovely time. Around 80 people packed the beautiful space and the show was a sell out. The curtain raiser, featuring local artists: Kes Gill-Martin, Sharon Whyte, Elise Harris, Charmaine Brown and Maxine Skervin (whose work was read for her in her unavoidable absence) was really, really good. Many things were said and books and postcards bought. Ruby Rose (my 10 week old cherub) beamed at everyone she could lock eyes with – if I didn’t know better I would call it smiling with intent. Obviously, she stole the show without saying a word. She’ll be available for workshops in the near future.

Thanks to wonderful Apples and Snakes for booking us, Free Word for having us, managing our many bags in their stylish closets and crowd controlling us and our fabulous audience at the end.

Here are two pictures:london pic 2

Tomorrow we come to The Writers Place (9 Jew Street, Brighton) leaving early-ish to make a late afternoon workshop, 4-6pm and evening show, kicking off at 7. More info here.

Meanwhile here’s our third trailer. One of Shruti to follow soon…


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