A brand new UK tour of poetry & performance – from Lydia Towsey, Shruti Chauhan and Jean Binta Breeze MBE


Press Release – August 24th, 2015
Three the Hard Way – Part Two: On Tour

This autumn, join three powerful poets – Jean Binta Breeze MBE, a Jamaican; Lydia Towsey
of Hungarian and Welsh descent and Shruti Chauhan of Gujarati origin – as they proudly
present ‘Three the Hard Way – Part Two’ the stand alone follow up to a highly successful
UK tour.

Three the Hard Way derives from Jamaican culture where male DJs would respond to each
others’ sets in collaboration & competition. The idea was adopted by UK male dub poets,
led by Linton Kwesi Johnson in the 80s. Following a rave reviewed UK tour in 2014 –
‘Three the Hard Way – Part Two’ once again re-appropriates the format to explore
contemporary women’s issues, politics and culture.

Jean Binta Breeze MBE:

‘It is indeed rare to see three women of three different generations and three different
continents coming together on the same stage – discussing the same issues and telling
the stories of themselves and their sisters.’

The show will play for a whirlwind of ten October dates, visiting major centres and venues
up and down the country – including Manchester’s Contact Theatre, London’s Free Word
Centre and Brighton’s Writer’s Place – as well as more rural and or/intimate locations,
from libraries in Shrewsbury and Northampton – to Bilston Town Hall, Loughborough
University and Upstairs at the Western, Leicester’s only pub theatre.

Coinciding with Black History Season and in the wake of recent political debates the
performers will engage with a number of contemporary questions, including ‘Who’s your
neighbour?’ – a online campaign to be launched in the run up to the tour, with audiences
invited to film and upload their own poetic responses in response.

The tour will be a rare opportunity to see Jean Binta Breeze MBE back in the UK – the
world’s first female dub poet, now Jamaica based (‘one of the most important, influential
performance poets of recent years’ – British Council, Literature)- as well as introducing
newer voices to a wider public, including that of Three the Hard Way veteran, Lydia
Towsey. The tour will also be a chance to hear Lydia perform from her brand new full
length collection, The Venus Papers (published by Burning Eye Books, September 2015.)

Lydia Towsey:

‘We’re so excited to be continuing on our UK journey – and now welcoming new addition,
Shruti Chauhan – an extremely talented young poet, multilingual across English, Gujarati
and Hindi, German, Italian and Sanskrit! Together we think our voices, styles and
languages combine to create something quite unique.

‘Following this second year on the road, in 2016 we’ve been invited to bring the work to
Jamaica – at the invitation of Jamaica’s Poet Lauriate, Mervyn Morris – and have plans to
then visit other countries. We’re thrilled with the attention and interest the show appears
to have stimulated.’

The tour will be accompanied by a programme of workshops and welcomes an audience
of men and women to explore our times, from the personal to the political – and
celebrate diversity.

From Lydia Towsey’s – ‘I devour the map of my grandmother’s country/utter its street
names, recite its parks.’…’ to Shruti Chauhan ‘People ask about the words/that make up
my language;/not words, I say -/they are worlds.’ …to Jean Binta Breeze’s fusion of
Leicester and Jamaican colloquial language – ‘I know mi duck, I know..’

Together they will sing of sisterhood and connections that cross continents, age and
gender – reflecting on the pain and the joy and giving voice to the many moments in


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